The Commissioners and County Manager are committed to keeping citizens informed of the budgetary situation. Citizens are invited to attend Board of Commissioners meetings, hear the County Manager’s Economic Updates and speak during the public comment period.

The budget process begins six months before the Board of Commissioners votes on the spending plan. The key dates given to members of the Wake County management team to allow them to prepare for the budget process, are listed below.

Budget Process

Day​ ​Date ​Activity ​Corresponding Documents
Thursday​ ​November 7, 2013 ​Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Kickoff
Tuesday​ December 10, 2013 ​Operating Budget Kickoff
Wednesday January 15, 2014​ ​CIP requests due to Budget Management staff
Friday ​January 31, 2014 ​Operating budget submissions due from departments


​Friday ​February 28, 2014 ​Board of Commissioners Retreat - Preview of budget issues.


​January 2014 ​Begin review of CIP requests with County Manager's Office
​March - April ​Department budget meetings with County Manager
​Monday ​May 19, 2014 ​Recommended Budget presented to Board of Commissioners. Watch the County Manager's Presentation here.
  • ​Recommended Budget
  • County Manager's Recommended Budget Message


​Monday ​June 2, 2014

​Public Hearings:


​Monday ​June 9, 2014

​Board of Commissioners Work Session on Recommended Budget


​Monday ​June 16, 2014 ​Adoption of FY 2015 Operating Budget and FY 2015-2021 Community Improvement Plan (CIP)