Designation of Voting Delegate to NCACC Annual Conference



      I, ___________________________________________, hereby certify that I am the duly designated voting delegate for ______________________________ County at the 98th Annual Conference of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners to be held in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on August 25-28, 2005.


Signed: ______________________________________



Article VI, Section 2 of our Constitution provides:


            "On all questions, including the election of officers, each county represented shall be entitled to one vote, which shall be the majority expression of the delegates of that county. The vote of any county in good standing may be cast by any one of its county commissioners who is present at the time the vote is taken; provided, if no commissioner be present, such vote may be cast by another county official, elected or appointed, who is formally designated by the board of county commissioners.  These provisions shall likewise govern district meetings of the Association.  A county in good standing is defined as one which has paid the current year's dues."




please return this form by:   Monday, August 15, 2005:



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