August 15, 2005                                                                                       ITEM # 5e



Item Title:    Conveyance of Ballentine Street Right-Of-Way to Town of Holly Springs


Specific Action Requested: 

That the Board of Commissioners approves the conveyance of approximately 2.38 acres to the Town of Holly Springs as described in attached Exhibit A and depicted on Exhibit B.


Item Summary:

On November 17, 2003, the Board of Commissioners approved entering into an Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Holly Springs (Town) for conveyance of approximately 7 acres of land for development of a new Branch Library, in conjunction with a Cultural Center to be funded by the Town. In September 2004, the Commissioners of both the County and the Town authorized certain revisions to the language of the original Interlocal Agreement. Under this revised agreement, the County would retain ownership of the property and all improvements made thereon. Prior to completion of construction the County will execute a 99-year lease with the Town of Holly Springs for the Cultural Center portion of the facility. In addition a Joint Use Agreement will be executed by both parties to address operational and maintenance issues.


Following approval of Schematic Design by the Commissioners in December 2004, County staff has continued to work collaboratively with staff from the Town of Holly Springs over the past several months to jointly develop the plan for the Library and Cultural Center. Bids for construction of the project were recently received and are currently being evaluated. Contained within the overall development of the site, is the realignment of West Ballentine Street, which currently runs through the site. This street realignment work, to be funded by the Town, will be routed to the north side of the site to provide an optimal amount of acreage for development of the building.


As part of the Town's financing package to fund their portion of the building project, the Town has requested that the County deed the public street right-of-way for West Ballentine Street, and small remnants of property north of the right-of-way, to the Town of Holly Springs. This approach will be beneficial to the County as well as to the Town, as the Town will be responsible for public maintenance of the street and right-of-way, and adjacent remnant property north of the right-of-way. This approach is also consistent with other County facilities in that the municipality typically owns the public street right-of-ways adjacent to County property. Attached is a legal description of the proposed tract to be conveyed (Exhibit A) and a map depicting this area (Exhibit B).


It is anticipated that recommendations relative to award of the construction contract will be submitted to the governing boards of the County and Town of Holly Springs in September.




  1. Legal Description (Exhibit A)
  2. Map (Exhibit B)