August 15, 2005                                                                                       ITEM # 5b



Item Title:   Award Construction Contract for Roof Replacement on the Wake County Office Building


Specific Action Requested: 

That the Board of Commissioners awards a Construction Contract for Roof Replacement on the Wake County Office Building to CFE, Inc. of Apex in the amount of $387,858.00


Item Summary:

Wake County occupies, or has responsibility for 170 buildings totaling 3.4 million square feet of building space. In order to protect the County's investment in its facilities, periodic assessments are completed to evaluate the condition of building roof systems and to plan roof repairs or replacements. The current 7-year (FY 2006-12) Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes $3.4 million for roof repairs or replacements on County facilities. For the FY06 budget year, assessments by a specialized roof engineering consultant recommended a combination of repairs and replacements for the various roof levels of the Wake County Office Building.


This high-rise building was built in 1940 and contains sixteen separate roof surfaces at varying levels. Based on consultant assessments, nine of these roof surfaces were determined to be in poor condition, having exceeded their useful life. Those respective roof systems will be completely replaced. The other seven roof surfaces have a remaining useful life of five to nine years, and will receive minor spot repairs, which will be adequate to maintain their current condition.


On July 22, 2005, bid proposals were received from qualified roofing contractors for Roof Repair and Replacement on the Wake County Office Building in accordance with NC General Statutes. A tabulation of bids received is attached for your review. Staff recommends award of the construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder. With award of this contract, the project cost is within budget (budgeted amount was $406,174), and construction is scheduled to begin in September, with completion anticipated in late Fall of 2005.




  1. Bid Tabulation